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B600 Series Backhoe

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B600 Series Backhoe

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  • Ideal for the farmer, rancher, estate owner or homeowner to use in the care and maintenance of their properties. This backhoe is compact and can be used in those hard to reach locations with the least amount of ground surface damage.
  • Three-Point rigid mounting for Category I -- Suitable for 12 to 35 HP tractors.
    Allows weight transfer onto backhoe when the hydraulic stabilizers are down and locks backhoe into position for maximum digging power.
  • Lower drawbar link locks standard for more stability in operation and transportation of the backhoe.
  • Semi-rigid Frame Mountings available for selected tractors.
  • Bucket widths available range from 9" to 15".
    Buckets have hardened steel cutting edges and welded 1-1/2" wide hardened steel teeth for digging in all types of soils.
    Optional buckets available with "2A" size replaceable teeth.
  • Rubber shock absorbing swing stops for end of rotation protection.
  • Equipped with a boom safety lock for transportation.
  • Optional independent hydraulic system pump rated for 4.2 GPM.
  • Optional yellow and black color; all black standard.


Tractor hydraulics must be rated for at least 2000 PSI.

Tractor front counter weights may be needed for stability and safe operation.

Specifications and design are subject to change without notification.

U.S. Patent No. 4,393,751 applies.

Backhoe specification drawing

Specifications are based on boom pivot being 11" above ground level and will vary with tractor model.

A Maximum digging depth 6' 6"
Digging depth with 2' flat bottom 6' 0"
B Reach from swing pivot 9' 0"
C Transport height 5' 3"
D Bucket clearance 5' 0"
E Bucket curl 165
F Swing arc 140
G Stabilizer spread, operating position 7' 0"
H Stabilizer spread, transport position 5' 8"
Bucket pry-out power 4,076 lbs.
Bucket curl power at cutting lip 1,870 lbs.
Crowd power at end of dipper stick 1,728 lbs.
Lift at end of boom 640 lbs.
Lift at end of dipper stick fully extended 375 lbs.
Hydraulic system relief valve setting 2,000 PSI
Hydraulic flow requirements 3.5 to 4.0 GPM

Approximate shipping weight 565 lbs. ( less bucket )

Bucket width Cutting width Number of teeth Struck capacity Heaped capacity Weight
9" 9-1/2" 3 0.47 cu. ft. 0.64 cu. ft. 34 lbs.
12" 12-1/2" 3 0.63 cu. ft. 0.85 cu. ft. 40 lbs.
15" 15-1/2" 4 0.79 cu. ft. 1.06 cu. ft. 45 lbs.

Hydraulic cylinder Piston diameter Stroke
Boom 2-1/2" 14"
Dipper stick 2-1/2" 10"
Bucket 2" 14"
Swing 2-1/2" 7"
Stabilizer 2" 8"

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