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Use the Product Finder to find the appropriate Kelley products for your model tractor.

If you are interested in purchasing a Kelley product, please contact the distributor or salesman nearest you.

Kelley uses a powder coating system to provide the highest quality coating for its products while helping to protect the environment. Kelley can also custom coat your own products.

Company Profile

Kelley Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1912 by the Kelley family who is still active in the ownership and operation of the company. Kelley Manufacturing, known for many years as C.C. Kelley & Son, has a long tradition of offering high quality products which are powerful, long lasting and affordable for agricultural, commercial and utility customers.

Our front-end loaders (discontinued) for compact, utility and farm tractors, our tractor three-point mounted and skid steer loader backhoes and our powerful tractor three-point log splitters (discontinued) have attained world-wide recognition as the best value available.

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