B750 Backhoe

Part Number: B750

The B750 is great for daily use around the house or on the job site. This unit provides your with a 8’0” digging depth. It will work best on the back of a tractor 20-45 HP. This unit has been designed to operate at a flow rate of 4 to 6 GPM.

There are many options to choose from for the backhoe. The bucket sizes range from 9”-24”. There are different color options. They include: Red, Green, Black, Blue, and Orange.

This unit can be mounted to the three point hitch on the back of a tractor, or it can be mounted to a skid steer.


B750 Backhoe Specifications

A.   Maximum Digging Depth 8’0”

I. Digging Depth With 2’ Flat Bottom

B.   Reach From Swing Pivot 10’11”
C.   Transport Height 7’10”
D.   Bucket Clearance 6’6”
E.   Bucket Curl 165˚
F.    Swing Arc 180˚
G.   Stabilizer Spread, Operation Position 7’0”
H.   Stabilizer Spread, Transport Position 5’8”
Bucket Pry-Out Power 6,900Lbs.
Bucket Curl Power At Cutting Lip 3,200 Lbs.
Crowd Power At End Of Dipper Stick 1,692 Lbs.
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Setting 2,000 PSI


Bucket Width Struck Capacity


9” 0.68 Cu. Ft. 60 Lbs.
12” 0.90 Cu. Ft. 65 Lbs.
15” 1.13 Cu. Ft. 75 Lbs.
18’’ 1.35 Cu. Ft. 85 Lbs.
24’’ 1.80 Cu. Ft. 105 Lbs.

Additional information

Weight 870 lbs
Dimensions 71 × 61 × 77 in