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  • Easy to mount and detach.
  • Affordable and economical to own and operate.
  • 3-point hitch tractor mountings and rigid frame mount kits available for most American tractors, many small diesel tractors and selected lawn and garden tractors.
  • Smaller models can be mounted on selected skid steer loaders.
  • A Kelley loader to match your backhoe is available for most tractors marketed in the United States and Canada.
  • Two lever control for ease of operation. Operator remains stationary, avoiding stress and fatigue. Superb operational control with good feathering characteristics and minimal cylinder cavitation.
  • Fold out hydraulic stabilizer legs with pivoting standard steel pads or optional rubber street pads.
  • Bucket widths available range from 9" to 36", depending on model.
  • Can be powered using tractor hydraulics or an optional independent PTO hydraulic pump kit.
  • Six-spool sectional control valve with adjustable master relief valve and hydraulic pressure gauge is standard. Safety unload feature on boom circuit for operator protection and individual circuit reliefs to protect certain circuits from abuse.
  • Optional kit for Power Beyond capability.
  • Cylinders are manufactured with high quality industrial NitroSteel® rod shafts and high heat resistant Fluorotrel base poly piston seals.
  • Sturdy tubular and box design for the frame, boom, and dipper stick assemblies.
  • All plated pins are locked in place and fitted for grease for maximum wear protection, with replaceable steel wear bushings and wide pin bearing support at major pivot points.
  • Hoses have abrasive-resistant coverings for longer life and protective nylon incasings at major pivot point areas.
  • Adjustable folding cushioned seat.
  • Assembled and quality checked at the factory for proper operation.

Optional Independent Hydraulic Pump Kit

  • Pump -- Gear type, 540 RPM, 6-spline PTO coupler.
    1000 RPM 1-3/8" 21-spline PTO coupler available.
  • Hydraulic system reservoir -- Capacity 7.3 gallons.
  • Suction type filter -- 80 mesh screen.
  • Required hoses and mounting hardware included.

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